PROJECT Stories: Women Duos

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Project Stories: Women Duos is a video series created by Kristen and Lindsey Archer of ARCHd. It celebrates the empowering relationships between five women duos who founded and co-own a product-based small business together in Memphis, Tennessee. While each of these stories is unique, there are a lot of commonalities in the way each pair of women empowers each other. In so many ways, their successful businesses are a direct result of their strong bonds.

PRIMAS BAKERY + BOUTIQUE: Rachel and Angelique

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"We really wanted to create a unique space where you could have your cake and shop, too. Our personal strengths really compliment each other because we’re both really creative but we’re creative in different ways."
- Rachel

Terra Cotta: Meghan and Keneisha

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"I think what excited me most about going into business with another woman was the idea of being in business with somebody that I trusted already and that I was good friends with, who also was super excited and willing to take risks like I was."
- Keneisha


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"We empower each other by just allowing ourselves to be and feel. Respect and trust, to me, are the two main ingredients for a healthy partnership."
- Lisa

WE TIGHT KNIT: Ashley and Whitney

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"It just excited me to work with another black woman to bring this ancient art [of chain stitch embroidery] back to life."
- Whitney

ARCHd: Kristen and Lindsey

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"Because we are sisters, our relationship goes beyond a professional partnership, which I think makes the business even stronger."
- Kristen

"ARCHd is owned and operated by women. So, having an entire collection and series that celebrates women came very naturally for us."
- Lindsey