Lindsey and Kristen Archer, ARCHd sisters in home studio

We are sisters Kristen and Lindsey Archer. We use our original photography and design to create handmade home decor on wood and marble that empowers women and celebrates cities.

Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, we both came back to our home city after college. We each spent close to a decade gaining professional experience in our respective fields of graphic design, video production and photography before creating ARCHd in 2014 as a side hustle. We spent the following 6 years building ARCHd slowly from a single art festival in 2014 to what it is now  a creative business successful enough to support us both as full-time entrepreneurs.

We live together, work together and go everywhere together … so it’s safe to say we’re rather close.

One of our favorite aspects of our partnership is that our skill sets — photography and design — compliment each other and allow us to expand our line of home decor to include both. Every single piece of home decor we create features original photography by Kristen, original design by Lindsey or BOTH.

So, why wood? Before ARCHd was even a thought, we saw a large art piece featuring a picture of an airplane transferred across multiple pieces of wood. We fell in love with it. Like every other Pinterest attempt, we bought the materials the artist used and tried the process ourselves. After lots of trial and error, we adapted steps of the image transfer process to get a more vibrant end product vs. the vintage look of the piece that originally inspired us.

We've always lived in Midtown Memphis, where old houses are constantly being restored and upgraded, leading to scrap piles of wood being left on curbs. We used to spend our Saturday mornings going "curb shopping" because the wood was free and at that point, ARCHd was just an experiment.

While wood gave us our start, we've expanded our offerings to include marble, paper products and apparel, with more to come.

Are you ready to #getARCHd?

Want more? Learn about our handmade process here.