SOCIAL MEDIA GRAPHICS: Memphis Modern Market

Emily from Memphis Modern Market curates in-person and virtual events for handmade makers and artists. For one of her recent virtual pop-up events on Instagram, we collaborated with her to create a set of Instagram Story graphics for all participating sellers to help promote the market on their individual Instagram accounts.

Instagram Story graphic template designs

We started by creating a set of blank story backgrounds, pulling in different colors from the overall color scheme Emily had already established.

Instagram Story template background designs

These blank backgrounds were for each of the participants to use to customize their own personal messaging around the event while still providing an overall cohesive look. We used them to spell out the specific steps for shopping from us during the virtual pop-up event.

Instagram Story pop-up shop template designs

To help make this next set of graphics, we asked each seller participating in the market to send us three photos: one that included their face and two images showcasing products they'd be selling. With those photos, we created three Instagram Story screens for each seller, leaving room to incorporate user handle tags and hashtags.

Handmade seller profile feature Instagram Story Template design

The sellers could also use these graphics to cross-promote all the participants of the market on their own Instagram accounts, helping spread the event details to a wider audience.

Instagram Story Template Design

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