INSIDE THE PROCESS: Handmade home decor on wood and marble

At ARCHd, we use an image and photo transfer process to create our handmade home decor on wood and marble. We've always struggled to explain the in-depth process to others. Our solution was to create a video series showing each step behind our handmade process, why handmade products are important and the story behind our bookend sets. 

We started with a video sharing the importance of handmade products and the time and passion that goes into making each unique piece of home decor.

The second video went into depth about our image transfer process. This aspect of our art is what makes it stand apart from mass produced items that are typically printed directly onto the surface of wood or marble rather than being handmade.

The third video went a step further to explain how and why we started creating one of our best selling items - wood bookend sets of 2.

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