Whitney Winkler is a watercolor and ink based artist in Memphis, Tennessee. When she first approached us for some design help, she already had an established brand and logo. She just needed some printed materials to support her brand. So, we started with the basics: business cards for her and her wholesale rep. We incorporated some of her watercolor paintings directly into the design.

business card design for watercolor artist painter

From there, we expanded out to more branding collateral: "about" postcards, thank-you notecards, gift cards and logo stickers. We used the same fonts throughout, to keep a cohesive look across all of her materials.

branding collateral design for watercolor artist: business cards, logo stickers, about postcards, gift card design, thank you notecards

A few months following the initial design project, Whitney came back to us with some additional design needs. She needed materials to help her promote the wholesale side of her business at Atlanta Market. Rather than a full catalog, we designed two-sided "collection" postcards for the specific wholesale lines she would be selling at market. While we stuck with a consistent look across the set, each postcard could serve as a stand-alone marketing piece.

anatomy wholesale collection postcard design Whitney Winkler

Grow Here, state watercolor painting wholesale collection postcard flyer design, Whitney Winkler

State watercolor painting wholesale collection postcard design, Whitney Winkler

Hand gestures watercolor paintings, wholesale collection postcard design, Whitney Winkler

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