2022 Holiday Collection

The 2022 Holiday Collection launches Nov. 1, at 8 a.m. CT. Browse below for a sneak peek at all the new ARCHd products to add to your 2022 holiday gift guides and shopping wish lists!


We are bringing back our popular Ruth Bader Ginsburg woven soft tapestry throw blanket and adding two new designs. The first new design reads "My body my choice" on a deep purple background with a pattern of original uterus line illustrations in shades of light purple and pink. The second new fringe blanket design features a pattern of original illustrations of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's infamous dissent collars with the phrase, "I dissent," in deep purple in the bottom right corner, all on a light pink background.

My Body My Choice surrounded by pattern of uterus Illustrations, all on dark purple woven blanket with fringe

Close up of blanket fringe and My Body My Choice lettering on purple woven blanket

I Dissent lettering beneath pattern of Ruth Bader Ginsburg dissent collars on woven blanket. Hues of pink and purple on light pink background.

I Dissent woven blanket with Ruth Bader Ginsburg dissent collars. Model holding blanket around shoulders and twirling in fall tree setting.

Model with I Dissent blanket around her shoulders, reading a book at a picnic table in the park during fall. Woven blanket features illustrated pattern of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's dissent collars on light pink background, with fringe around edges of blanket.

Fringe edged woven blanket tapestry featuring illustration of Ruth Bader Ginsburg with quote "Women belong in all places where decisions are being made." Includes pattern of justice scales on teal background. Blanket pictured being held up to full size in park during fall.

Close up view of fringe on edge of Ruth Bader Ginsburg blanket; Model sitting in park during fall with RBG blanket wrapped around her shoulders.

These woven blankets measure 54" x 72", include about 1.5" of fringe on all sides and are woven by fiber artists in the US. They're the perfect weight for a year-round blanket to cuddle up with on the couch (we fought over our RBG blanket and are so excited to have two more to choose from now!). They can also be used as large woven wall art pieces by hanging them on the wall. Who's ready to cuddle up in the warm embrace of reproductive freedom and women's rights ;) ?? BONUS: they are machine washable (we've washed ours several times and they still look like new).

Woven Blankets will retail for $120 each.


We're introducing two new glasses featuring an illustration of the greatest of all time Ruth Bader Ginsburg with quote, "Women belong in all places where decisions are being made." The design is deeply etched into the glasses with a sand-carving method that can't be matched by laser engravers and etchers that results in a unique, 3-D carve of the design. The depth can be felt when you run your fingers across the design. BONUS: they're both dishwasher safe and because of the sand-carved finish, there's no worry about the design rubbing off!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg illustration on barware; clear stemless wine glass and wine glass tumbler made from recycled green glass wine bottle; holiday themed drinks in both glasses with blurred christmas lights behind them.

We're offering a stemless wine glass (capacity 16 oz.) as well as a tumbler shaped green glass (capacity 12 oz.) made from recycled evergreen colored Bordeaux wine bottles. The lip of the repurposed wine bottle has been beautifully and carefully polished to a smooth edge for drinking.

RBG wine glasses will retail for $28 each.

Stemless wine glass featuring Ruth Bader Ginsburg illustration sand carved into front side

Close up view of sand carved Ruth Bader Ginsburg design on stemless wine glass

Woman holding stemless wine glass featuring sand carved illustration of Ruth Bader Ginsburg; glass filled with red wine on red background

Green glass wine tumbler made from recycled green wine bottle; front of glass features etched illustration of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Bordeaux green glass wine bottle recycled into a wine tumbler; sand-carved with illustration of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Green wine glass tumbler with Ruth Bader Ginsburg etched illustration on front; pictured with fruity holiday drink in front of metallic drink shaker and bowl of fruit.


We've reimagined our wood holiday ornaments this year. Slightly smaller than our previous edition, these new Christmas ornaments have a sleeker shape and feature simplified designs from our feminist women icon collection. They're topped off with dainty and delicate frayed edge satin ribbons for hanging on your Christmas tree.

Ornaments will retail for $24 each. BONUS: buy 3 or more of any wood ornament and get 15% off each!

Feminist illustration wood Christmas ornaments of Ketanji Brown Jackson, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Maya Angelou

Wood Christmas ornament featuring illustration and quote of activist and feminist Angela Davis

Christmas ornaments for classic literature readers and book lovers featuring Louisa May Alcott and Jane Austen and quotes from little Women and Price and Prejudice

In addition to our full feminist collection, our city skyline designs will also be available as Christmas ornaments, with your choice of three color schemes: holiday palette of red and greens, warm yellow and pink hues, or cool blues and greens.

Memphis city skyline design on a Christmas ornament in three color schemes: red and green, warm hues, cool blues

See the IG Reel we made to show off the process for making the new ornaments:


Shop the new collection starting Nov. 1, at 8 a.m. CT! 

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