Get your own personal photos and images transferred to wood blocks or marble tile coasters.


Choose your image/photo.
Make sure to choose your own, personal photo. We are unable to transfer copyrighted images to our wood or coasters, unless you are the owner of the copyright (that includes random Google search images).

Choose your art.
Wood art, bookends or coaster set?
Custom wood art ranges in size from 3.5″ x 3.5″ (mini blocks) for $15 to 9″ x 16″ for $105.
Bookends come in sets of two blocks, at $43 per set.
Coasters come in sets of 4 square marble tiles, at $33 per set.

Purchase from our Etsy shop.
Purchase custom wood art or bookends here.
Purchase custom marble coaster tile sets here.

Email us your photos.
After placing your order on Etsy, email your photos to info@getarchd.com, with your order number in the subject line.
Be sure to email us the highest quality photo possible. Sending from Instagram or your phone? Watch the short how to video below:

If you’re interested in a different size than listed on Etsy, please email us more info and we’ll provide you a custom quote.

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