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inside view of mug with dark blue interior. Stacey Abrams merch
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stacey abrams mug video. Stacey Abrams merch

Stacey Abrams Mug

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Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in style with a Stacey Abrams Mug. This ceramic mug is the ideal accessory for any kitchen, featuring bold imagery of the political activist and leader. Enjoy the blend of style and function with this Stacey Abrams merch!

Handmade mug featuring original Stacey Abrams illustration with quote, “Effective leaders must be truth seekers, and that requires a willingness to understand truths other than our own.”

Mug is two-toned with a mint green exterior and navy blue interior. Glaze colors can vary slightly, as they are mixed in small batches. Quote is in metallic gold on one side of the mug. Design is printed into gold decals, then fired onto the mug in a third firing.



Mug holds between 12-14 oz. of liquid.

Handle location (left versus right) varies from mug to mug.

Each item is formed by hand and hand-painted, so pieces may have imperfections, which make them one-of-a-kind.

All ceramics are dishwasher safe, although hand washing is recommended to prolong their life. Any handmade mug should not have boiling water poured into it. Water for tea or coffee should always cool a bit once it boils. Ceramics should not be exposed to direct heat, shocked from one temperature to another or be in an oven over 400˚ F.

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