We are sisters Kristen and Lindsey Archer. We create handmade home decor with our original photography and design on wood and marble.

Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, we both came back to our home city after college. Now, we work together full-time on building our small business, ARCHd. We live together, work together and go everywhere together … so it’s safe to say we’re rather close.

We started ARCHd with a 10’ x 10’ vendor booth at a local art festival. Over the years, we have built our business day by day, market by market, growing slowly while each holding down full-time day jobs. That is, until August 2019, when we officially dove into life as full-time entrepreneurs.

One of our favorite aspects of our partnership is that our two skill sets — photography and design — compliment each other and allow us to expand our products to include both. Every single piece of home decor we create features original photography by Kristen, original design by Lindsey or BOTH.

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When we started ARCHd, we started with materials we had readily available: wood salvaged from neighborhood curbs and marble tiles from the local discounted overstock store. Our first pieces were cut with borrowed tools from our Dad and old wood from our parents’ demolished deck.

While we’ve evolved from shopping our wood from the side of the street … each individual piece of ARCHd art is still handmade in Memphis, Tenn.


We start with unfinished wood, cut it to size and sand all sides down to a smooth surface. The sides and back are coated in a red oak stain while the front is painted a satin white.

We transfer our original photos and designs to the front surface by hand, using a gel medium. To transfer, images are laser printed on paper. A thin layer of gel medium is painted on the white surface of the wood with the paper applied directly above, printed side down. Over time, the gel medium absorbs the ink and the paper is rubbed off by hand, leaving the image on the painted surface of the wood.

Once the art is transferred, the wood block is lightly sanded along the edges to provide a unique, distressed look, then sealed with a protective clear coat. All wood is branded on the back with our logo and pieces larger than 5” include a hammered sawtooth backer for easy hanging.


For our marble tile coaster sets, we begin with 4” tiles of smooth, tumbled marble. We transfer our designs directly to the top face of the marble (unpainted) using the same transfer process as the wood.

Once transferred, tiles are sealed with a protective clear coat to protect against condensation. The bottom of each tile is stamped with our logo and includes small felt circles in each corner to prevent scratching against furniture and other surfaces. Sets are packaged together in clear/white branded boxes, with room on the back for tagging and pricing.

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