Two sisters born and raised in Memphis, TN, we established ARCHd in 2012 as a creative outlet for our photography and graphic design. Both residents of Cooper Young, we BELIEVE in Memphis and are proud to have it serve as both home and muse to our growing small business.

We started with a piece of salvaged wood. Then we ARCHd it. We took our creativity and transferred it directly to the wood, via Kristen’s photography and Lindsey’s graphic design. From that, we’ve grown to more than just images on salvaged wood. Wood art, marble coasters, bookends, art prints, wood ornaments…this is just the beginning.

Now, here’s a peak into the artists behind ARCHd:


Favorite Superhero
Kristen Archer: Jack Bauer
Lindsey Archer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Secret Dream Career
Kristen Archer: Director of the CIA
Lindsey Archer: Gossip columnist


Celebrity Dream BFF
Kristen Archer: Taylor Swift
Lindsey Archer: Mindy Kaling


Celebrity Dream Boyfriend
Kristen Archer: Jack Bauer
Lindsey Archer: Peyton Manning


Kristen Archer: Maddie Belle Archer (Dog named after Belle from Beauty & the Beast)
Lindsey Archer: Mulligan Bartholomew Archer (Cat named after favorite golf play)

Most Embarassing Moment
Both: Next question, please


Favorite Creative Project
Kristen Archer: Mary Kay Inspiring Stories Documentary Project
Lindsey Archer: Album cover designs for local Memphis musicians, Myla Smith & Chris Milam
Together: writing an open letter to Justin Timberlake to save the TN Brewery

Are you ready to #getARCHd? Stay up to date with our latest projects via our Instagram or our Twitter. Or, contact us to get your custom order started.

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