9 ways to give a personal gift

Gift giving can be super stressful. Whether it’s for a wedding, engagement, birthday, Christmas … you want YOUR gift to be their FAVORITE gift. You want your gift to mean something more than a VISA gift card that says, “Oops, I forgot it was your birthday until this morning, so I bought you this from the CVS down the street.”

You’re better than that. We’ll show you how to put some thought into your gifts with our best gift-giving advice: make it personal. How?

Here are 9 ways to give a personal gift.



#1: Engagement and wedding photos on wood

These look GREAT transferred on wood. Rather than simply having them framed, wood adds that handmade, personal touch to your photos. Engagement and wedding photos on wood also make great personal wedding and Christmas gifts.

TO ORDER: For photos on wood, we make it super easy. Order your preferred size from our Etsy shop here, then email us at info@getARCHd.com with your photo(s) and include your order number in the subject line. Voilà! Personalized gift-giving, made easy.


Custom engagement photo transfer on wood personal wedding gift idea

#2: Family photos on wood

Family photos transferred to wood also make great personal gifts — especially for dads, moms and grandparents. Your phones are FULL of personal family moments. Why not gift them to be used as personalized home decor? Our wood art includes sawtooth metal backers, so you can either hang on a wall or simply set it on a shelf.

personal family dad and daughter little girl photo transfer on wood, christmas gift idea

#3: Pet photos on wood

Need a unique gift idea for a pet lover? Choose a photo of them and their dog (or cat or parrot … ) to have transferred to wood. You can never have too many adorable pet photos around the house.

Pet photo transfer on wood pet dog cat lover personalized gift idea

#4: Wood photo ornaments

Whether it’s a photo you posted to Instagram yesterday, or a vintage family photo from your childhood, photos on wood look great on Christmas trees. BONUS: if they accidentally fall off the tree, these wood ornaments don’t break!

TO ORDER: For custom photo ornaments, ordering works just like photos on wood. Order your preferred ornament shape (square, circle or rectangle) from our Etsy shop here, then email us at info@getARCHd.com with your photo(s) and include your order number in the subject line.

Photo ornaments are a top seller for us in the months leading up to Christmas. Here’s a photo of us from when we were little (circa late 1980s). We scanned it and turned it into a photo keepsake for our own Christmas tree.

personal photo transfer on wood Christmas ornament gift idea for parents grandparents


#5: Photo coaster set

Can’t decide on just one photo to gift? With our custom photo coaster sets, you can choose up to four and have them transferred to marble tiles.

TO ORDER: For custom photo coasters, order from our Etsy shop here, then email us at info@getARCHd.com with your four photo(s) and include your order number in the subject line. Be sure to choose photos that will easily crop into a square.

photo coaster set image transfer on marble best friend family pet lover gift idea

#6: Photos + personalized name/wedding info coaster set

Take our photo coaster set one step further to serve as the perfect wedding or newlywed Christmas gift by adding a last name with wedding date and location.

TO ORDER: You can order a set like this from the same coaster link above, just include the last name, wedding location and wedding date in the email with your two photos.

wedding engagement photo gift idea last name decor


#7: Last name on wood, with wedding year

Looking to go off-registry for the perfect wedding gift? Get the new couple’s last name + wedding year made into a wood sign for their home. These family name signs also make great Christmas gifts for newlyweds or anniversary gifts for long-married couples (just don’t get the year wrong, because … awkward)!

TO ORDER: For custom last name signs, order from our Etsy shop hereThere’s a spot to include the last name and wedding year when ordering, so that’s all we need!

Kyle ordered this gift for his girlfriend, Hayley, as a unique and personal way to help him propose to her. She said yes. 😉

last name sign home decor wedding engagement newlywed gift idea

#8: Gift a last name sign early to use as wedding decor

Last name signs can serve double duty as both engagement presents and rustic or vintage-inspired wedding decor, like this sign the Barbers used for their wedding last year. Give this last name wood sign as a pre-wedding gift at a wedding shower or engagement party so the couple can use it early!

last name sign vintage rustic wedding decor idea engagement wedding shower gift idea

#9: Family name ornament

Our final personalized gift idea is probably the easiest handmade Christmas gift you can give. A last name transferred to a wood ornament with that year’s date.

TO ORDER: For custom last name wood ornaments, order from our Etsy shop hereThere’s a spot to include the last name when ordering, so that’s all we need!

last name family Christmas ornament stocking stuffer gift exchange idea

So, when gift giving this year, don’t forget to MAKE IT PERSONAL.

Which of these is your favorite personalized gift idea?


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