INSIDER SECRETS: 10 Business Strategies for Building a Business with Family


One of the first questions we are asked when people find out we are sisters and work together is … How do you do it? We know what you’re thinking. You absolutely love your sister/brother/[insert family member here], but you cannot imagine working with them and spending all your time together.

We’re here to tell you … you’re wrong. You can do it. And we’ve developed 10 business strategies to help you build a business with family. These are not mere suggestions, but field-tested tactics that have worked for us.

When working with a family member, we recommend also living together. You should have 24/7 access to each other. You never know when a brainstorm session might develop. Plus, going halfsies on rent? Yes, please!

Tips for living and working with family sisters ARCHd Kristen Lindsey Archer

Now that you’re living in the same house, make sure your bedrooms are within 23 feet of each other. In the event you think of the world’s greatest idea in the middle of the night, you don’t want to have to walk very far. This way, they’ll be right there. No need to share a bed, though. That would just be weird.

Family Business Strategies living with your sister ARCHd Kristen Lindsey Archer 01

Make sure you know all the passwords of every account each of you have. The workplace is no place for secrets.

Tips for running a business with family knowing cracking iphone passwords ARCHd Lindsey Kristen Archer

In the office you already share (because DUH why would you have your own office?), you should share one desk. We suggest you consistently monitor the other’s work progress. How can you make sure you’re both equally contributing to the business if you can’t see the other is spending all day tracking down Google alerts on Taylor Swift?

Strategies for working with family business ARCHd Kristen Lindsey Archer

When out shopping together (because who wants to shop alone?), don’t be afraid to buy matching outfits. You happen to both like the same sweater and pair of shoes? You should definitely both buy them and then wear them on the same day. Twinsies!

Family Business strategies sisters working together ARCHd Kristen Lindsey Archer

Since you’re already going to eat three meals a day, we advocate for eating all of them together. That’s three extra hours to work on growing your business. Steve Jobs didn’t build Apple by wasting valuable time, am I right?

Family Business strategies eating meals together ARCHd Kristen Lindsey Archer 02

When looking to get away from it all, you should never want to get away from each other. That’s a warning sign of an unhealthy business relationship. All vacations should be taken as a team.

Family business strategies sisters traveling photography Seattle ARCHd Kristen Lindsey Archer 01

Now that you’re basically doing everything together, don’t forget to carpool. Re-invest that gas money you’re saving right back into your blossoming empire. It’s always smart to be fiscally responsible.

Family small business strategies carpooling ARCHd Kristen Lindsey Archer

When having both a day job and a side job, make sure they’re both together. What about 24/7 did you not understand? If you can’t convince the same employer to hire both of you, how do you ever hope to convince future clients to do the same?

Family business tips ARCHd Cooper Young Festival Booth Set up Kristen Lindsey Archer

Finally, make sure to schedule at least one yelling match per month. You’re spending a lot of time together. It’s only natural to let that pent-up aggression out on each other. Don’t worry, though. You’re family. You can’t stay mad at each other forever.

Fighting with family working and owning a business with sister family ARCHd Kristen Lindsey Archer 02

The strategies listed above are definitely the best ones on the entire world wide web. Trust us. We’ve looked. Now, go out. Build those businesses. You can thank us later.

– Lindsey & Kristen

Disclaimer: All readers of this blog post shall hold harmless ARCHd and its owners, relatives, pets and future heirs, from and against claims, damages, losses, expenses, broken relationships and failed business, arising out of or resulting from implementing the tactics listed herein.



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