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Here at ARCHd, we love us some Instagram. Haven’t you ever heard the saying, it didn’t really happen unless you posted a photo of it on social media?


So, what do you do with your Instagram and social media photos after you post them? Delete them when your phone storage runs out? Remember them while fondly perusing your latest timehop moment?

What about saving them? Printing them? Preserving them?

ARCHd is here to help with this minor dilemma you didn’t know you had until just one paragraph ago. We can take Instagrams and photos directly from your phone or device and transform them into tangible art.

That’s right. Photos on wood.



Need a gift idea for your best friend who also happens to be a celebrity on your Instagram feed? Photos on wood.



Need something to congratulate a friend with…who just ran a half marathon? Photos on wood.


Looking for something unique for your mother or grandmother? Photos on wood.


Looking for something different as a gift for your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife this year? Photos on wood.


You can get your own photos on wood from the ARCHd Etsy Shop. We offer two sizes:

Mini blocks, approximately 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″, $8 each.
Large blocks, approximately 7″ x 7″, $30 each.

Buy the custom photo wood blocks directly from the ARCHd Etsy Shop here. Then, email us your photo(s) directly to info [at] getarchd [dot] com.

Our only request? Send us the highest quality of the photo you have. That means sending them directly from your device’s photo album, rather than as screenshots from Instagram. Here’s a quick how to video:

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.


– Lindsey and Kristen Archer


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