Molly & Scamp 05.03.14

You’ve heard from Lindsey, now it’s my turn.

Welcome to my first blog post on ARCH’d. But don’t worry. Lindsey proofread everything. While my math skills aren’t exactly what you would call stronghopefully my photography makes up for it. Here’s a sneak peak into my latest engagement photography session.



I met Molly when I was a junior in college and she was a member of our newest pledge class in Kappa Delta. Serving as the vice president membership, recruiting an awesome pledge class was especially important to me that year. Molly and I became instant friends, her sense of humor complimenting mine. I even understand how she doesn’t like having “special powers” (sorry for the inside joke).

I remember when Molly first told me about her (now) fiance Scamp following their trip to the OC. Molly and I binge-watched thirty 5 seasons of the addictive CW show in one weekend in college while at her parents house. So, I’ll admit…when she got to visit the OC with Scamp I was a little jealous.

When Molly first fell in love with Scamp, it was that crazy, stupid love that makes you forget everything else around you. The kind that when people talk to you, you may be there physically, but not mentally. Your world is suddenly filled with one this strong emotion that seems impossible to describe. Regardless, I asked Molly and Scamp to attempt to describe the first time they knew they loved each other.

I told him I loved him first. Yes, I had been drinking and yes it was very quick after we had been dating. I just knew for sure after a date at Sambuca. We literally couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We were stupid in love. –Molly




I think we were still in the 2nd month of dating, and I wanted to take a long summer trip and visit a few beaches in Southern California. I wanted to ask Molly, but didn’t know if it was “too early” to kidnap her for an entire week. Would I scare her away? I decided to ask anyway, and her answer was what I was hoping to hear. So we jumped on a flight destined for Laguna, then Costa Mesa, and finally rented a car to trek across the desert and spent the last few nights in Las Vegas. It couldn’t have been a better week to get to know each other more, and I think the love bug finally bit us. The rest is history! –Scamp




Most couples learn things about the other that really test the vows “for better or for worse.” Reality sets in once the honeymoon phase subsides. I asked Molly and Scamp to tell me something most people didn’t know about the other one.

He’s actually a little bit of a science nerd. He knows a lot about space and stars. Don’t get him started on time travel. He also likes to sing and dance around the house in his underwear. –Molly

If Molly wants to ‘freshen up,’ she combs baby-powder through her hair. She claims it adds volume and makes it less greasy. It’s a little known fashion secret she doesn’t reveal too often. –Scamp

Molly&Scamp_Touched-22 QUOTE



True love endures even the most annoying habits from each other. I understand Molly’s annoying habit all too well.

I tell Molly she has ‘fashion anxiety.’ I know most girls spend a lot of time in front of the mirror getting ready, but her case is worse than most. When we are leaving the house and already late, I have learned the only way to get her in the car is to start pulling out of the driveway without her. Then she’ll start running!!! –Scamp

(I actually do this with my sister except I set the alarm so she only has 59 seconds to get out of the house.) 

His sleep schedule was really hard to get used to. –Molly


Every great relationship needs laughter.  These are Molly and Scamps funniest memories together.

One time we got a little too tipsy camping and thought it was a good idea to pack our lunchbox cooler/radio with beers and climb the bear infested mountain at 2 am in the morning. We climbed as far as we could until it got too steep and then we sat there, drank and listened to music and looked at the sky all while being terrified of bears. At one point he actually looked over at me and said, ‘How fast can you climb a tree if you needed too?’ It was crazy but also so much fun being stupid together. –Molly


Summer of 2013, we were camping at Henry Horton State Park. It was maybe 2 in the morning, and after a couple bottles of wine, we decided to tell stories in the tent before going to bed. For some reason, Molly decided to chew on a glow stick while telling me a story, and little did she realize that the ‘glow juice’ had busted all in her mouth and down her shirt while she continued to talk. The story ended with her realizing what had happened, and my tent suffered with a neon yellow pile of throw-up! –Scamp


The last thing I asked Molly and Scamp was what part of marriage they were most excited about.

Living the American dream with my best friend.  Having a house and family together. The adventures ahead – for better or worse – ha! –Molly


The one thing I am most excited about is someday introducing ‘Harry Clay Ganter V’ to the world and continuing my family namesake. His name will be ‘Clay’. –Scamp







Save the date 05.03.2014!



– kristen



  1. juliecrombe says:

    Your pictures are amazing and I love the little quotes that you put on those pictures! It makes it so personal and it makes your followers get to know the people you’re photographing, which is something I haven’t seen before on a blog! Great job!
    Please check out my blog and let’s follow each other!

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    Kristen wrote her first contribution for our new blog over at get ARCH’d. Be sure to hop on over if you’re in the mood to see some great photography from her latest engagement session. We’ll be posting over there from now on, so skip over and follow the new blog to stay updated! Thanks, Lindsey

  3. Julia says:

    These are fabulous. I LOVE the pictures and the story about Molly and Scamp. Nice touch!!

  4. Heather says:

    Wow, you did an amazing job on the pictures and capturing their love story! Wishing them all the happiness in the world!

  5. Rachel chastain says:

    Archer, this is unbelievable! I’m speechless! I love everything about this…most importantly the girl in the pictures!!!!

  6. Archie, I love these!! Of course, you had beautiful subjects and scenery, but we know who the true photo magician is. so happy you found a rooftop- my favorites for sure!!

  7. Aunt Pennie says:

    You two are made for each other. Beautiful pictures and obvious love between you. Very special.

  8. Aunt Patti says:

    The scenery in the pictures is absolutely breathtaking, but the two of you are still the magic in each one. Haven’t seen both of you for so long, it was great of you to share the precious moments.

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