tis the season to get ARCH’d

Thanksgiving is two weeks away.

15 days, to be exact. Which means, in 16 days you’re allowed to start decorating your home for Christmas. If you happen to start hanging the mistletoe before then, just know you are one of the houses I will be side-eyeing and openly judging as I drive by and see your house lit up in the dark by twinkling lights before I am able to enjoy my turkey and stuffing. Blasphemy.

However, you know what you ARE allowed to do before official turkey day? Stock up on holiday and Christmas home decor.

Kristen and I were forced to re-stock up last holiday season—our second Christmas in our century old Cooper Young house—due to a slight critter issue. When we first moved in, we were super excited our house featured both a basement AND attic. Then I remembered I hate creepy midtown basements, thanks to my old roommate Jason who once followed me down to ours—in the dark—to reset our breaker and scared the ever living crap out of me. Never. Again.

We did happily store numerous bins in our non-creepy attic, though. Cue the invasion of the critters. What type of critters? No clue. I have a rather healthy imagination, so the sound of claws scratching along our ceiling and walls kept me from checking. I just know there is absolutely no way I am going to pull down that ceiling ladder for fear of some rabid squirrel or raccoon or God knows what else attacking my face from the hidden depths of our now creepy attic. Therefore, we bought new decorations last year. Much cheaper than facial reconstruction surgery, right?

Thankfully, Etsy is full of beautiful home decor pieces for the holiday season. Like this pillow or this advent calendar or this entire amazing shop. Kristen and I decided to create a few of our own holiday decor pieces this year for get ARCH’d.

First up are a few NOEL themed wood art blocks. This red ornamental typography one is available here.


For the green version, I went with one of my favorite patterned fonts, Homestead. It’s available in the shop here.


For the next piece, I dusted off my rocky illustration skills for a Santa Claus suit inspired art piece, with the focus on Santa’s belt. It’s available here.


Joy to the World was one of the first pieces of Christmas music I learned to play on the piano as a child. I went with a glyph heavy script font on a simple mint green background. It’s available here.


Have any holiday home decor ideas? Leave in the comments below. We’ll be making more holiday themed wood pieces over the next few weeks, so any ideas are greatly appreciated.

Oh, and it’s hibernating season. Think we could charge the creepy critters rent this year?


– lindsey



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    Thanks!.. For the nice Home decor ideas.

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